Photoshop Image Masking Service 

When you’re looking to post an image online, a higher degree of quality is needed in order to set your service or product aside from your competition. This means that your images should be high-resolution, your backgrounds should be crisp, and all images should focus on the subject. To ensure a high degree of conversions, many companies and individuals rely on Photoshop image masking. At PixelClipp, we can help you with image masking so that your images are always top-notch.

What is Drop Shadow? 

Many images can appear flat as a result of the existing shadows appearing to be washed out. Also, sometimes, you may want to have one particular object to appear elevated compared to objects in the background. When this is the case, you can use Photoshop to help enhance or add shadows to the image.
This graphical effect utilizes a system that will add in source lighting so that the projected shadows appear natural and true-to-life. When using this effect, the shadow can be projected anywhere so that a sense of depth is gained in the image. With this effect, white or very light backgrounds are preferred but many different background colors can successfully be used when creating a natural drop shadow effect.


Image Masking

Image masking is oftentimes very useful for our clients. Many companies use advanced techniques to fully remove the backgrounds of your images, but we find that few can manage the softer edges of a subject image correctly.  To have the highest degree of quality, not only should you remove the background, but you should also soften or harden the edges of the image and produce more natural-looking images.  Image masking is a technique that can be used when clipping path is not usable for a particular image file. This is often the case when there is fur or a lot of hair in the source image. Photoshop image masking is sometimes called clipping mask, channel masking, or even Photoshop masking, but under any name, the technique can help improve the quality of images with fuzzy edges, with transparent objects, or images that have subjects with a lot of hair.

Hair Masking

At PixelClipp, our artists are well-versed in this Photoshop technique. Image masking for hair and fur is actually a very complex process; this is because the artist has to be very meticulous in order for the image to look natural and for each strand or follicle to appear correctly on the background. As a matter of fact, in order for hair masking to be properly executed, the proper Photoshop tools have to be utilized in a near-perfect way.

Transparency Masking

Also known as alpha channel masking, this technique can help remove the blurriness that is often experienced with images that use transparency. Additionally, transparency masking also helps to remove the background even when you can see the previous background through a translucent or semi-transparent item.  At PixelClipp, our transparency masking artists know exactly how to work this complex technique. This includes knowing how to place a transparent object against another background, remove any leftover blurriness, and have an eye for detail so that no aspect of the image is neglected.

PixelClipp’s Quality

Simply put, for the highest level of quality, you simply can’t trust just anyone with your Photoshop image masking service needs. If you have an e-commerce site that depends on high quality images, then your images need to be top-notch. Trust us to help make your images that can’t be fixed with simple clipping path techniques web-ready.  We do this advanced work by hand, so you can depend on the PixelClipp to provide a level of quality that can be relied on from job to job. Our specialists will provide you with an accurate estimate of the time needed and will ensure that the work will be done quickly and with a high degree of quality.

Pixel Clip Services 

Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path is the best way to erase background from a photo. It is an effective method for getting good images.

Web Image optimization

For making proper a image for a website this service is occupied in one word images will be in web format.

Photoshop Image Masking service

A Image masking service is used for complicated images which cannot be done with clipping path.

Natural Drop shadow

Drop shadow is option for getting natural shadow to an image. Its very important for getting this effect.

Image Background Remove

Some times Image background is not looking perfect with the view of original image this service is occupied for that.

Image Manipulation Service

This is the regular image manipulation service we do for placing a part of image on another image for complete.