About pixelclipp

Have you ever seen an image online that has too much background clutter? For general images, this isn’t the worst thing in the world but for e-commerce-related imagery, this is a major no-no and can even drive down potential sales.

At Pixel Clipp, we understand that if you want to make an image more web-friendly, you should remove any extra clutter. With many images, this involves removing the image’s background. In many situations, there are unwanted objects, blurry areas, or people in otherwise beautiful images.We are waiting for your work and Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Professional image removal is one of the most frequently used image manipulation techniques, but unfortunately, it’s seldom done right by many of the companies out there. Optimally, this technique is used to erase a backdrop from a target image so that the focus is left on the subject, but when done poorly, the corners of the subject are left jagged. You could also see small parts of the backdrop left on the picture.Fortunately, at Pixel Clipp, we have several techniques that can de-clutter your pictures using closed vector path technology. We understand that our clients need quality work for e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, which is why our work is handmade and handled by our staff that are consummate professionals.

Why Handmade is Better

While there are some solutions out there that can remove a background nearly automatically, sometimes, the job isn’t so clean. At Pixel Clipp, our specialists are trained to ensure that you get the cleanest background-free image possible. Some of the tools that we use are:

Background Eraser Tools

Clipping Paths

Channel Masking Tools

Pen Tools

Simply put, automatic tools simply don’t have the ability to really care about the work that’s being done; and as a result, there is almost an inevitable chance that the work will be second-best. Pixel Clipp’s specialists are professional designers that have an eye for high-quality work. Additionally, our designers are trained to provide work with a low turnaround time so that you can have the work when you need it. Pixel Clipp goal is to provide top-notch work, and we will use all of the tools at our disposal to ensure a quality background removal job for your usage.

While the ultimate turnaround time will vary based on the size of the job, Pixel Clipp’s specialists always will provide an accurate estimate of time and will ensure that the job is done as quickly as possible.

Pixel Clip Services 

Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path is the best way to erase background from a photo. It is an effective method for getting good images.

Web Image optimization

For making proper a image for a website this service is occupied in one word images will be in web format.

Photoshop Image Masking service

A Image masking service is used for complicated images which cannot be done with clipping path.

Natural Drop shadow

Drop shadow is option for getting natural shadow to an image. Its very important for getting this effect.

Image Background Remove

Some times Image background is not looking perfect with the view of original image this service is occupied for that.

Image Manipulation Service

This is the regular image manipulation service we do for placing a part of image on another image for complete.