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Image Retouching Service

It’s an unfortunate fact: many people are quick to toss images that are less-than-perfect. Don’t be so quick, Pixel Clipp has image retouching options for our clients that can add years to a “tainted” image. Sometimes, when we have a lot of photos, not every one is optimal, but we have solutions for our clients that can add quality to even imperfect images.

The fact is that poor quality images can’t help your e-commerce efforts or grow your brand. At Pixel Clipp, we offer some great delivery options for your web-ready images. Once you provide information like the needed image sizing and its specific quality needs, our specialists will get to work providing your retouched photos.

At Pixel Clipp, we can remove things like water damage, spots, and blemishes from a model’s skin, scratches from the picture’s surface, and even restore photos highly damaged by age. Our specialists use several software-based applications to do what you might think is the impossible and restore your old images to usability.

Also, not only can we retouch your images for quality, but we can edit them in perfect accordance with your requested style so that they blend seamlessly with your site needs. This includes color matching so that your images can match your site’s styling and adjusting the exposure of the intended image. In fact, we can even remove watermarks from an image if needed.

We utilize a no-wait quote system that allows you to quickly and simply upload your images and set the price automatically for our services. We even allow for you to set your delivery time and submit your order, wait-free.

At Pixel Clipp, we also have a fast turnaround that allows you to have your images in a ready-to-use format in short order. We don’t sacrifice quality for speed, but typically you can expect your retouched images in one, four, 10, or 24 hours.

Like all of our service offerings, our retouching goes through several quality assurance checks so that you can have the most blemish-free images for your site. Additionally, if there’s something about the finished image that you don’t like, we offer 24/7 customer support.

One of our best features is that we have a plan that can offer the retouching of your images for a flat rate. While this is a better option for those that intend to provide us with a steady stream of images to retouch, it’s a great money saving option for our clients. If you want to know more about this service, give us a call and we’ll discuss it.

Pixel Clip Services 

Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path is the best way to erase background from a photo. It is an effective method for getting good images.

Web Image optimization

For making proper a image for a website this service is occupied in one word images will be in web format.

Photoshop Image Masking service

A Image masking service is used for complicated images which cannot be done with clipping path.

Natural Drop shadow

Drop shadow is option for getting natural shadow to an image. Its very important for getting this effect.

Image Background Remove

Some times Image background is not looking perfect with the view of original image this service is occupied for that.

Image Manipulation Service

This is the regular image manipulation service we do for placing a part of image on another image for complete.